I had briefly been using a Realtor that I was not happy with.  He was very slow and on-productive in trying to sell my condo and buying my new house.  My daughter referred me to Kim Pitaniello, who she has worked with professionally for years.

The day I called Kim, she was on it.  Things (all positive) started happening that same day.  She had the photographer over, suggested some simple things to do for a better showing, and voila.  4 days later, mine was sold at a price I was thrilled with, and the next day, she found my new home.  Kim is the most professional, personal, organized, focused than any other Realtor I’ve ever used.

I would, and will, highly recommend her to anyone that is or will be in need of a Realtor at some point.  And to top it all off, she is an absolutely delightful lady to be around.  I promise you she delivers:)